Our Mission

At Orlinda Furniture Company (OFC), we produce unique products for our customers made from sustainable resources. OFC master craftsmen hand select raw materials from fallen barns in Tennessee, transforming local history into products that are given a new life for years of purposeful use. Our goal is to produce pieces with amazing eye appeal and historic significance, while still providing comfort and durability that you and your family will enjoy for generations.

Our History

Orlinda Furniture Company began as a small partnership in 2011 between two friends, Harris Green and Curt Chaffin.  These young men shared the same hobby and love of making furniture  with southern, country class.  Harris and Curt started out building custom pieces for friends and family out of a small workshop located behind Curt’s house.  OFC has grown substantially over the past six years.  We now have a 2500 square foot facility on three acres in Orlinda, where we hand craft all of our products.  No matter how big we grow, OFC continues to maintain a small town ideology in our all of practices.  OFC respects our customers and strives to ensure that each and every person has a positive experience when working with our company.  Our customers become our family.